Women's House

Baghere village, Senegal

Lead architect (with Katharina Manecke, Joyce Said, Suhayla Abdallah, Mariam Shabaneh)


Kaira Looro


03.2021 - 05.2021


Equal access to resources and opportunities, regardless of gender, is a human right. The ‘Women’s House’, located in Baghere village, southern Senegal, offers an educational and social environment in which women and men, girls and boys, are encouraged to achieve their full potential, with a focus on providing space for education and raising awareness.


The design is predominantly constructed from handmade brick, with a concrete frame, bamboo supports, and traditional straw thatch re-imagined with a curved bamboo truss design of bamboo vulgaris and wild bamboo. The walls have been designed to include perforations that encourage natural ventilation and reduce extreme heat in the building, while providing privacy. The diffused light this creates adds to the architectural expression of the project. Foundation footings, floor slabs and columns have be minimised to reduce the amount of concrete used whilst providing the necessary loading capacity. The design of the building has been adapted for self-construction and therefore does not require the use of heavy vehicles or complex machinery.

The aim of the Women’s House is to provide a new and innovative gathering space that will have a positive and long-lasting impact on the people of Baghere, respecting the natural and cultural context while raising awareness of gender equality and emancipation of women.

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