healthier homes: prototyping affordable housing in tanzania

hannah wood and otis sloan brittain for the aecb

How can the global demand for low-cost housing be met whilst reducing environmental impact and improving family health? Join project architects Hannah Wood and Otis Sloan Brittain on the ground in Tanzania for an insight into their work in architecture and health research – applying iterative approaches to climatic design including Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation and 1:1 prototyping.

berg seminar 6: reducing extreme heat in sub-saharan african dwellings

hannah wood and otis sloan brittain for loughborough university

Artificial cooling puts an extreme in-use energy load on our cities. As the built area the global south is expected to explode over the next decades, it is essential for architects to find passive design solutions to the issue of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. In this lecture, we were invited by Loughborough University in the UK to discuss innovative digital and design techniques we have applied working on projects in hot, tropical regions of Tanzania.