up and down house 

ingvartsen architects

The Up and Down House is an experimental project designed to test how small changes in the height of a building affect indoor conditions, such as mosquito entry, in The Gambia. The project is currently in construction phase, which will then be followed by a period of scientific research being conducted on the finished designs.

Each of the four experimental houses consists of a timber frame with plywood walls and corrugated doors and roof. They rest on a steel platform and steel frame. Hoists attached to the frame and the platform allow the house to be lifted manually to different heights. Consideration has been taken to lowering the houses in event of a tropical storm.

project dates: 03.2018 - present

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 14.48.30.png

the house can be elevated to set test heights to screen for mosquitos

Up and Down Elevation.png

elevation of the house experiment

Up and Down Photo.JPG

completed house construction