university teaching experience

Reducing Extreme Heat in Sub-Saharan African Dwellings

🇬🇧 04.2021 (pannelist)

Loughborough University Building Energy Research Group


Build Africa Day

🇹🇿 09.2020 (teacher)

VETA Mtwara


Designing Healthier Homes

🇹🇿 01.2021 (lecturer)
University of Dar es Salaam


External critic MA program

​🇩🇰 08.2018 (visiting teacher)

KADK MA Political Architecture : Critical Sustainability


External critic MA program

​🇩🇰 06.2018 (visiting teacher)
KADK: MA Urbanism and Societal Change


Career presentation ‘Outside the Walls’

​🇩🇰 03.2018 (invited presenter)
KADK: Department of Architecture and Culture


Contemporary Art in Japan and Denmark

​🇩🇰 11.2017 (keynote speaker)
University of Copenhagen


Pallet Lab
🇬🇧 05.2017 (seminar host, lecturer)
University of Huddersfield


Co-Evolutionary Project Work       

​🇩🇰 02.2017 (seminar presenter)
KADK MA Political Architecture : Critical Sustainability


Fieldwork Research      

​🇩🇰 10.2016 (invited speaker)
KADK MA Political Architecture : Critical Sustainability


The Development and Governance of Cities and Regions

🇮🇹 09.2016 (presenter)
Gran Sasso Science Institute


Art and Politics in Postwar Japan      

​🇩🇰 05.2016 (invited speaker)
University of Copenhagen


War and Architecture

🇮🇹 06.2015 (teaching assistant)
IUAV Venice


Mapping Memories

🇰🇷 08.2015 (co-initiator, speaker)

Korean National Institute of Technology


Collage City

🇬🇪 07.2015 (co-initiator, speaker)
Georgian Technical University

industry lecturing experience

Women in Architecture

🇹🇿 02.2021 (speaker)
Tanzanian Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH)


Designing Healthier Homes

🇹🇿 11.2020 (speaker)
Architectural Association of Tanzania (AAT)


Pandemic proofing buildings for the future

🇬🇧 11.2020 (keynote speaker)

Healthy City Design 2020, Royal College of Physicians, London


Healthier Homes Webinar

🇬🇧 03.2020 (co-presenter with Otis Sloan Brittain)
Association of Environmentally Concious Building (AECB)


Housing Economics and Scale Up

🇰🇪 04.2019 (workshop attendee, presenter)

BOVA Network 2nd Open Network Meeting UN Habitat, Nairobi


Designing City Resilience

🇬🇧 06.2015 (reporter, participant)

RIBA, London


Rejuvenating Jaba’                   

🇩🇰 01.2015 (speaker)
AUG Denmark


The Green Rethink

🇬🇧 10.2013 (reporter)
Royal College of Physicians, London

industry workshop experience

Dormitory participatory design workshop

🇹🇿 09.2019 (teacher)

Mayanga School, Mtwara, Tanzania


House 4 House playshop

🇺🇸 03.2019 (host, playmaker)

American Institute of Architects (AIA), New York


House 4 House playshop
🇺🇸 03.2019 (host, playmaker)

R3space, New York


Pallet Homes in VR
🇬🇧 03.2018 (exhibitor)
Ecobuild 2018, ExCel London


Reconstructing the City

🇯🇵 09.2015 (co-initiator, speaker)

Kalsei community, Ishinomaki, Japan


Capturing the City

🇧🇩 11.2014 (co-initiator, speaker)

Betts Centre House, Dhaka, Bangladesh