skin + bone                        (uk)

sheffield                              05.2010

‘Structure can be used to define space, create units, articulate circulation, suggest movement or develop composition and modulations. In this way, it becomes inextricably linked to the very elements which create architecture.’ (Andrew Charleston).

Skin + Bone explores the visibility of a structure through a prefabricated, laser-cut ‘kit of parts’. The aim of the project, a studio task taken on by a student group from Sheffield University, was to build and test certain elements applied in the British Pavilion built for Seville in 1992 by Grimshaw Architects.

The 2m high working section model was constructed in scale 1:10 and bolted together in a few hours. It included a dynamic flow mechanism which illustrated how a facade could be cooled using recycled water in a hot climate. The model also suggests how building services can be exhibited as a main architectural feature to celebrate energy efficiency in an exposition setting.

water wall built from laser cut parts, 1:10