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Importance of Screened Windows for Reducing Malaria Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jatta, E; Carrasco Tenezaca, M; Jawara, M; Bradley, J; D’Alessandro, U; Kandeh, B; Jeffries, D; Wilson, A; Pinder, M; Sloan Brittain, O; Wood, H; Knudsen, J; and Lindsay, S W. 

Lancet Planetary Health, 2021 (in progress).

Does house height affect mosquito house entry? An experimental study in rural Gambia

Carrasco Tenezaca, M; Jawara, M; Abdi, M Y; Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Bradley J; Brown, H; Jeffries, D; Pinder, M; D’Alessandro, U; Knudsen, J; Lindsay, S.
Nature, 2021 (in progress).

An Architecture Guide to the UN SDGs part II

Royal Danish Academy, UIA Sustainable Development Goals Commission, UIA World Congress of Architects 2023

KADK, October 2020

Prioritising indoor air quality in building design can mitigate future airborne viral outbreaks

Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Kumar P

Cities & Health, July 2020

Bespoke Architectures: will cyber-physical methods of making shape a new generation of bespoke architecture?”

Wood, H; Nouska, O.

Inflection Journal, University of Melbourne, November 2019

Research agenda for preventing mosquito-transmitted diseases through improving the built environment in sub-Saharan Africa
Shenton, F; Addissie, A; Alabaster, G; Baziwe, D; Tenezaca, M C; Chinula, D; Jatta, E; Jawara, M; Jones, R; Knudsen, J; Krystosik, A R; McCann, R; Murima, N; Mutuku, F; Nguela, R L; Sanchez, C N; Nix, E; Okumu, F; Ruel-Bergeron, S; Spitzen, J; Tusting, L S; Wilson, A L; Wood, H; Zahouli, J; Davies, M and Lindsay, S W.

Cities & Health, October 2019

Knowledge gaps in the construction of rural healthy homes: A research agenda for improved low-cost housing in hot-humid Africa
von Seidlein, L; Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Tusting, L; Bednarz, A; Mshamu, S; Kahabuka, C; Deen, J; Bell, D; Lindsay, SW and Knudsen, J.

PLoS MED, October 2019

The Great Escape: Mobile domesticity for nomadic retirees

Wood, H; Wells, B.

MONU #30, Late Life Urbanism, Rotterdam, April 2019

The Architecture of AI

Wood, H.

SUR Magazine (Chinese translation), November 2019 (originally written for Archinect and made into a film series by Otis Harley) 

Exploring the brave new world of shared living
Hannah Wood collaboration with SPACE10 and urban.agency

Imagine Issue 2, October 2018

The Illicit and Illegal in the Development and Governance of Cities and Regions: Corrupt Places

Chapter 11: Building legitimacy through the spatial aesthetics of the illicit: non-state urban actors in post-311 Japan

Bjone Engelien, M; Edom, J and Wood, H; edited by Francesco Chiodelli, Tim Hall and Ray Hudson.

Routledge, September 2017

Hannah worked as an invited peer reviewer for Cities & Health Journal.

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