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'architecture of ai' published by chinese sur magazine 编辑部

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

architecture of ai has been translated into chinese for the sur (smart urban regeneration) magazine, co-established by the ca-group and china fortune in shanghai. the multidisciplinary issue will investigate the integration of ai in both technology and design.

"the idea of the 'smart city' or 'intelligent city' are super popular nowadays, and we would like to investigate the way 'smartness' and advanced technology would change city and us from multiple perspectives. on the other side, we are also hoping sur could bring the focus of 'smart city' back on people’s living, as we believe 'smart' is only the strategy for success, but to 'regenerate' people’s living environment, society and ways of living should be the ultimate goal of urban development."

"the ca group is a professional publishing media in china. We have published many books include works of tadao ando, cecil balmond, etc., and we are now also responsible for the editing work of a+u china edition (architecture+urbanism)."


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