person paintings place         

Person Paintings Place is my bachelor thesis project set in Berwick upon Tweed, a boarder town between Scotland and England with a rich history of transition. The coming and going of the tides also saw a political flux between nations, resisted by the fortified sandstone walls that enclose the settlement to this day. On site investigation mapped transects through the town and estuary, exhibiting objects found using the medium of plaster casting. 

Berwick was frequented by the artist L.S. Lowry, inspiring his lesser-known fluid seascapes, painted during his spiral into depression in later life. 'Old Man and the Sea' (1963, oil on canvas) became a conceptual driver for the creation of a space for observation and contemplation. 

Further investigation into the concepts of boundary drove the design of a seafront gallery to exhibit Lowry's forgotten works. Embedded into a sandstone wall, tidal fluctuations and sunlight provide energy for the gallery and adjoined curator's house. Public and private space. The curator's apartment is set back into the defensive city wall with sheltered easterly views while the gallery visibly interacts with the street to the south. Lighting

Creation of a small scale building which evolves naturally from place, material and sculptural form. 


sheffield school of architecture

09.2011 - 01.2012