pallet homes


Pallet Homes is a collaborative construction project between Freiraum Kollektive and the Memusi Foundation (UK) to develop a prototype dwelling in the Magadi region of Kenya.

The Memusi Foundation aims to relieve poverty through education and runs number of schools in the area. We formed a team in 2016 to design and construct a prototype house for a teacher and their family using low-impact building materials and build-it-yourself techniques. Our design makes use of EUR 2 type pallets and will be trailed in a UK-based prototype build.

what are pallet homes? 

Pallet Homes are a low-cost housing construction method using upcycled shipping pallets. At any one time there are around 4 billion shipping pallets in global circulation, and due to insurance reasons, many can only be used once despite having no defects.

Our construction strategy is designed to be participatory, developed by teaching specific skills and techniques to enable people to upgrade their own buildings, thereby emphasising stewardship over their own built environment.

low cost housing for rural kenya

The Memusi Foundation has been based in Kenya for many years where they run a number of school buildings for rural children.
Today the main accommodation solution is either enclosed mud huts or windowless corrugated iron houses. They are both expensive and unhealthy solutions and neither of which are sufficent to meet the needs of the next generation. The aim of the pallet homes project is to find a innovative and sustainable way to meet this need...

design by doing - pallet lab

To test the pallet home details, we held a hands-on construction workshop with first year architecture students at the University of Huddersfield. Over the three days, we taught the pallet joining technique so that the students had the knowledge to construct a section of the building by themselves. We hope to use this participatory approach at the 1:1 pilot build at the Piece Hall in Halifax then for the first Pallet House build in Kenya at the end of the year.

pallet homes in vr

The Pallet Homes was exhibited at Ecobuild 2017 an 2018. In 2018 we collaborated with engineers Buro Happold to to 'Pallet Homes in VR' - see below.

Magadi Area.jpg

the magadi region, kenya

eur2 pallet model 1.12

What are Pallet Homes.jpg

render of a pallet home on the outskirts of nairobi


pallet.lab construction workshop at huddersfield university

Credit image Frieruam Kollektive - photo

pallet homes prototype building at the piece hall, halifax

freiraum kollektive

pallet lab

Construction workshop at Huddersfield University

freiraum kollektive

pallet homes in vr
A collaboration with Buro Happold Engineering