site office 

a project by ingvartsen architects

The purpose of the site office at Mangowela is to accomodate researchers working on the Healthy Homes project in Mtwara, Tanzania. The program includes specialised Entomology and Phlebotomy labs and general office space, alongside a meeting room and specialised medical storage. There is also a sheltered outdoor eating space on the first floor to accomodate staff. 


The building is screened on the north and south facades to minimise overheating and glare during the day when in use. The office also makes use of rainwater harvesting. The structural frame is made from light gauge steel by Tanzanian company Ecohomes, which ensures the build cost remains affordable. 


project start date: 05.2019 - ongoing

Mangowela Site Plan.png

the site office on the prototype site at mangowela

Mangowela Office 3.png

section through the site office

Mangowela Office 5.png

elevation of the site office