children's sun shelter  

The Children’s Sun Shelter has been designed by Freiraum Kollektive for the Memusi Foundation school in Kenya. While its main function is to provide shelter from the hot sun in the outdoor play areas, it also includes a shaded sitting area and an adaptable play system for children to climb on.


Each shelter has a flexible layout and can be rearranged to extend the climbing frame and add extra shading. The fabric shades can also be taken down and reassembled to match the demands of the weather. The base of the shelter has been designed to be modular so that a number of shelters can be organised to fit together within the central courtyard as the school grows.


The frame of the sun shelter is based upon a timber structure of 120mm x 120mm x 4.8m uprights with concrete foundations, an earth-brick base, cloth shading made from local fabrics, rope and metal hooks. The cloth shades and rope are detachable and therefore cleanable.

client: memusi foundation                  project area: 24m2

Childrens Sun Shelter.jpg