livonian værksted                  (lv)

w/isla badenoch                      08.2016 - 

Livonian Værksted is a collaborative visual project between Hannah Wood and artist Isla Badenoch, formerly of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. It draws inspiration from two unusual and yet comparable locations: the disappearance of a culture known as the Livonians in western Latvia and the Danish town of Skagen, on the northernmost tip of Jutland.

Our artistic production will draw on reflections made from two field trips we will make during October 2016. From first-hand research, we will begin a workshop process of visual collage and experimentation to form a reflective narrative that gives an impression of these two distant yet connected cultures.


The project will map impressions and ideas between the two sites and the people we meet there. We aim to explore the connections between the fading traditional communities of Livonia and Skagen, and ask whether the visual arts can create an alternative history when official archives fail to record the past.

We intend to pursue a representational process which centres around both intalgio etching and photogravure techniques, combined with collage and digital production (for example photographic and film work) of which we both have former experience. We will make use of the various workshops within Statens Værksted to prepare several artworks intended for exhibition in both Denmark and Latvia.

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