rejuvenating jaba

To Alef, the letter
that begins the alphabets of both Arabic and Hebrew- two Semitic languages, sisters for centuries.

May we find the language
that takes us
to the only home there is -
one another’s hearts.
― Ibtisam Barakat, Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood

Jaba’ is a Palestinian village in Jerusalem Governorate located (horizontally) 9.12km north-west of Jerusalem City. It is bordered by Mikhmas and ‘Anata to the east, Mikhmas to the north, Ar Ram to the west, and Hizma and ‘Anata to the south (ARIJ-GIS Unit, 2012). In 2011, the Ministry of Local government included the Bedouin Community Jaba’ to the borders of the village. The Bedouin community is located 10.1 km away from Jerusalem City.

'Rejuvinating Jaba' aims to bring life back to the village through a community bakery which celebrates the ancient and collaged history of the village.

Jaba Village Plan.jpg

jaba historic village

Jaba 2 Courtyards.jpg

two courtyard layouts

Jaba Photo 1.png

interviewing previous residents

Jaba Photo 2.png

measuring the courtyard