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house 4 house

a project by aga filipowicz + ania pieranska + otis sloan brittain + hannah wood 

House 4 House believes that in order to tackle the social and environmental issues facing the world today we need to inspire the builders of tomorrow. House 4 House’s mission is simple: to teach children about sustainability through our house building kits and help build a real house for every toy house sold.

House 4 house is a collection of toy construction kits inspired by different ways of building from across the world and made from natural, Cradle to Cradle materials. House 4 House challenges the typical ‘pitched roof dolls house’ design whilst allowing children to explore their creative potential. Each kit comes with a set of reusable miniature building materials, characters, furniture and guides to enable children to build their own little houses.

Profit from the sales of House 4 House construction kits will be invested in a microfinance platform so it can then be reinvested in helping families upgrade their own houses on their terms. We are currently in discussions to find ways to make this possible.

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house 4 house sets introduce kinds to homes around the world

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the first prototype kit exhibited at the dutch design week 2018

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