the healthy homes project       

a project by ingvartsen architects

The Healthy Homes project is based in Mtwara region, Tanzania and has three phases. The first is the prototyping of three test houses in Mangowera, Mtwara building upon the knowledge from the Magoda projectthe subsequent construction of 110 identical homes in 67 different villages around the Mtwara region; and a 2-year clinical trial investigating whether the houses have a measurable impact on family health. 

The aim of the project is to investigate whether resident’s health is improved by improving the quality of the housing available to them, which includes internal thermal comfort, air quality, decreased vectors, improved latrine and a safe drinking water supply.

The design process utilizes parametric modelling and environmental simulation techniques to improve the design of the indoor microclimate. An example of this in practice is the design of the smokeless stove.

the aim of the prototyping phase was to test construction techniques 

project timeline: 03.2018 - present

three test houses were constructed at the prototype site

families who fit the village selection criteria are entered into a lottery

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