Great Scout Barn

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Lead Architect

Residential, renovation

Under construction



Great Scout Barn is a project to convert a former agricultural barn into a family home in rural Yorkshire. The barn dates back to the turn of the twentieth century and is constructed from mill grit stone with later interior additions in brick, both layers of which will be conserved as part of the renovation. The barn is situated in a hamlet of residential and working farm buildings and looks out over a Pennine pastoral landscape.


The building is split into distinct bays by four grand timber queens post trusses which informs the layout of the internal rooms. New domestic spaces have been designed with respect to the architectural heritage and former agricultural use of the barn. By incorporating existing features into the design, the character of Great Scout Barn is retained. 

The ground floor opens out as part of the proposal to form a spacious double height dining hall while the first floor explores the possibilities of living between the trusses. The functional placement of the former barn windows is celebrated within the conversion and a glazed double door has been added to create spectacular views to the new garden outside. The renovation will also include the upgrading of the existing building envelope to improve the thermal performance of the building.

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