forest studio                      

Forest studio asks a number of questions: what is the contemporary meaning of the field office? In a world where connectivity sheds matter to form airborne data, why do we continue to operate as architect-astronauts, working in a central London office no matter where the site is in the world? What kind of architecture might be created otherwise?


The premise is of the project is that, in part due to the dynamism and flexibility of the digital workforce, the architecture studio no longer needs to be tied to the urban context. It instead forms a nomadic entity which can ‘set up shop’ close to its site and therefore develop symbiotically. This move also allows the architect to once again become a custodian of the architectural project, learning and developing the studio in response to developments on-site. 


Forest studio takes a circular form to enable it to be packed up and moved, developing the idea of the ‘construction office’. It draws from vernacular nomadic buildings, but remains tied to the Yorkshire context through use of materials and processes. It was originally developed to house design studio functions but extended in scope during its occupation, transforming into a meeting room, model workshop and cinema.

project build date: 10.2013