visiting doctors housing

a project by ingvartsen architects

Many malaria research clinics in rural regions struggle to maintain long- term staff such as specialist nurses and doctors. This is in part because they are in low-income areas without adequate accommodation, often resulting in doctors and researchers living in the hospital itself, and many (especially women) move on prematurely. These timber houses on the riverside in Siem Pang, Cambodia, have been designed specifically for visiting doctors to develop a community and find solace outside the hospital.

They have been designed to utilise passive ventilation and natural materials to create a refreshing and low-maintenance atmosphere inside. The openings have been designed specifically to screen for mosquitoes and allow maximum cross-ventillation. The community includes rainwater capture and a communal kitchen and the private balconies at the rear allow the doctors to relax during the evenings.

project start date: 04.2018

visiting doctor housing         (ca)    

ingvartsen architects            05.2018 - 10.2018

the doctors houses are linked by elevated walkways which also protect from flooding

the houses have screened windows and doors to allow cross ventilation

plan of an individual unit

plan of the community building

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