crop                               (uk)

urban rejuvenation             09.2011 - 01.2012

Crop is an urban plan for the Liverpool Docklands, an area which has undergone considerable economic decline since the UK’s imperial dominance. By planting the seed of a new type of urban agriculture, the farming and testing of industrial hemp, the project aims to bring meaningful jobs back to the neighbourhood through an innovative closed-loop industry.


The scheme was developed through a series of site visits which mapped concepts of urban void, systematic degradation of urban fabric and suggested reasons for this decline. My chosen site of intervention was severed from the city by the bricking in of a viaduct, allowing it to develop independently from the 1990s onwards. Applying the analogy of city as cell I began to visualise the reestablishment of nutrient flows via the currently redundant canal network. 


An abandoned brick warehouse is renovated and insulated to house a network of laboratories and a visitor centre connected to a canal dock. The scheme retrofits the existing building with industrial hemp insulation to enable a careful temperature control for the laboratories. The centre forms part of a new neighbourhood ecology where industrial hemp is grown, harvested, stored and made into building materials and products which are then tested on-site.

water wall built from laser cut parts, 1:10