gasworks                    (uk)

funding application       

Gasworks is a contemporary arts organisation based in Vauxhall, London. In 2013 they were allocated an Arts Council England capital development grant to open up an invited competition for the refurbishment of their south London premises. The works Carmody Groarke proposed included minor renovation to the existing premises, more resourceful use of their existing space and an interior fit-out.


Our proposal aimed to increase functional workspace for the artists and open up the gallery to wider participation from both neighbouring schools and the local community in Vauxhall. I worked through plan options for in-house reviews to satisfy the area and adjacency requirements provided by the client. The work was then consolidated into a detailed design report and fee proposal which was submitted to Gasworks in 2013.

bird college                (uk)

competition submission       

Bird College was an invited architecture competition for the design and phased relocation strategy for its contemporary dance academy to a new site in Sidcup, London. A series of previously owned or rented properties were required to be rehoused in the consolidated into new site, which included renovated existing buildings and new state of the art dance studios required to function together.


Our team from Carmody Groarke collaborated with a range of consultants which included business planners and quantity surveyors to form a multidisciplinary team in which we developed a coherent architectural design and decanting strategy. Our proposal was shortlisted in February 2013.

discover                    (uk)

interior design       

A project to reorganise the internal layout of the Discover Children’s Centre in Stratford . The client expressed their ongoing frustration with the limited accessibility of the space during peak times as there were various exits and ongoing pram congestion. The existing floor plan was surveyed and a series of alternate exhibit sequence possibilities presented to the client.


The second phase of the project was to design a rear extension to the existing building which aimed to connect the garden to exhibits inside and encourage more children to explore outside.

kamala bay            (tha)

spa resort     

Kamala Bay is a coastal spa resort and restaurant complex in Phuket, Thailand which I was part of the design team to develop. The project reimagines the resort as a landscape intervention rather than a collection of isolated buildings on the steeply sloping topography. This approach inspired a narrative of spaces for residents to relax and explore while they stayed in one of the individual beach huts. Our proposition aimed to realign with the client’s original vision for the site. 


The project was presented using a variety of representation methods, such as CNC cut models, detail sections, CAD renderings and photomontages, which became invaluable tools for the Thai contractors.