bamboo farm store

ingvartsen architects

The bamboo farm store is a working building located on an agricultural plot in Tanga region, northern Tanzania. The aim of the farm is to cultivate bamboo for construction uses, including building materials and furniture as an alternative to plastic, concrete and steel. Bamboo can grow in 4-7 years what it would take 30-60 years to grow in timber, locking in carbon, and is also well suited to a hot, tropical climate, making it a very interesting construction material for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The bamboo farm store is designed to house agricultural machinery, including tractors and tools for staff working on the farm. A shipping container encloses a covered store area, with two entrances opening onto the spacious covered store area. The foundation plinth is raised to protect the building from flooding during heavy rains at the farm. The building is painted with red oxide to protect the steel against corrosion.

project timeline: 04.2019 - 12.2020

architects: Jakob Knudsen, Hannah Wood, Otis Sloan Brittain

consultancy team: Salum Mshamu, Lorenz von Seidlein

location: Korogwe, Tanzania

contractor: Kiondo Mgumi & team

BB 22.jpg

the front elevation of the bamboo farm store looks onto the bamboo fields

BB 23.jpg

a corrugated roof extends over the farm machinery


bamboo is cultivated at the nurseries prior to being planted on the farm