bamboo farm office

a project by ingvartsen architects

The bamboo farm office will be the new headquarters of a prototype bamboo farm in Korogwe, northern Tanzania, where different species of bamboo are being grown to assess their suitability for use as construction materials. The farmhouse building showcases different ways to utilise industrial bamboo construction materials, including a bamboo corrugated roof sheets, doors, cladding and furniture.


The farm aims to reconnect with the history of bamboo cultivation in Tanzania and explore the potential of this carbon-sequestering material as a contemporary construction material. Bamboo can grow in 4-7 years what it would take 30-60 years to grow in timber and fares well in a hot, tropical climate which makes it viable alternative to concrete and plastic. As the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to require over 400 million new houses by 2050 (taking into account the existing building stock), there is a demand for more sustainable construction materials.


The building utilises passive design principles inspired by traditional Asian and African domestic architecture found across hot, tropical regions, such as a timber frame and low thermal mass. There is a shared office, boot store and toilet on the ground floor enclosed with rendered local bricks, and a bamboo-cladded timber frame encloses the upstairs rooms, with a bamboo corrugated roof, sourced from Indian start-up Ecoshelter.

project timeline: 04.2019 - 12.2020

architects: Jakob Knudsen, Hannah Wood, Otis Sloan Brittain

consultancy team: Salum Mshamu, Lorenz von Seidlein

location: Korogwe, Tanzania

contractor: Kiondo Mgumi & team

01 Site plan overall.jpg
200526 Korogwe Construction 1.jpg

the project showcases a number of different bamboo construction technologies

200526 Korogwe Construction 3.JPG

the farm office building was designed to offer visitors views over the farm