bamboo farm office

a project by ingvartsen architects

The bamboo farm office will be the new headquarters of a prototype bamboo farm in Tanga, northern Tanzania, where different species of bamboo is being grown to assess its suitability for construction use. The farmhouse building showcases some different ways to use bamboo at a building scale including a bamboo roof, doors, cladding and furniture. The bamboo roof and door panelling was sourced from Indian start-up Ecoshelter, as it is not currently produced in Tanzania.

The building design features a rendered ground floor office made from local bricks with a timber framed first floor and bamboo cladding. The building has a built-in kitchen, space for working, two bedrooms and toilet and store facilities to be used for an on-site supervisor and visitors to the farm.

The project aims to reconnect with the history of bamboo cultivation in Tanzania and explore the potential of this carbon-sequestering material in future construction and product development as an alternative to concrete and plastic. Bamboo can grow in 4-7 years what it would take 30-60 years to grow in timber and grows well in a hot, tropical climate, making it a very interesting construction material for construction in Sub-Saharan Africa.

project timeline: 04.2019 - 12.2020

Bamboo Farm Site Plan 1.png
200526 Korogwe Construction 1.jpg

the project showcases a number of different bamboo construction technologies

200526 Korogwe Construction 3.JPG

the farm office building was designed to offer visitors views over the farm